What Mortgage Note Investing Can Do For You! With Jamie Bateman

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Why should you consider investing in mortgage notes? How can investing in mortgage notes, specifically notes where the borrower is not making all of their payments, can be profitable?

Our guest, Jamie Bateman, explains how he began investing in mortgage notes and created significant returns by buying notes at 50-60% discounts. He tells our listeners how he finds notes online, which notes are the best to purchase, and how to flip the properties to maximize his returns.

He also shows the reason purchasing notes pairs well with and how both investments offer an incredible amount of control when compared to traditional IRAs or 401Ks. Since 2018, he has grown his portfolio to include 10 notes in multiple states and now works to help others discover how they can earn income through investing.

This is an episode that shows how unconventional methods of investing in and pair together perfectly, so you won’t want to miss this conversation with Jamie Bateman.

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