What is Mortgage / Bank Mortgage /Mortgage Loan /Property Mortgage complete details in Urdu/Hindi

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: is used for creating charge against immovable property which includes land, buildings or anything that is attached to the earth or permanently fastened to anything attached to the earth (However, it does not include growing crops or grass as they can be easily detached from the earth). The best example when mortage is created is when someone takes a Housing Loan / Home Loan. In this case house is mortgaged in favour of the bank / financer but remains in possession of the borrower, which he uses for himself or even may give on rent.

Letter of Credit / LC / is Documentary Credit / Concept of LC / Complete detail in Urdu/Hindi

is / Bank /Mortgage Loan /Property Mortgage complete details in Urdu/Hindi

What is Pledge / Loan against Pledge in Urdu/Hindi Understand Pledge with examples

What is Hypothecation / Concept of Hypothecation with example in Urdu / Hindi

Pledge vs Hypothecation vs Mortgage / Different Types of Bank’s Charge / Explained in Urdu /Hindi

What is KIBOR / Meaning of Kibor / What is Bid Rate & Offer Rate/ Karachi Inter Bank Offer Rate

What is Raast/ Pakistan’s Instant Payment System / IPS / Rast

New Pension Policy 2021/ Pension Payment through Direct Credit System/Instructions for Pensioners

Naya Pakistan Certificate / Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificate/What is Naya Pakistan Certificate/NPC

How to apply for Credit Card in Pakistan | Credit Card information |Credit Card Kaisy Banay in Urdu

How To Open Bank Account in Pakistan / Individual Account Open krny ka tareeqa Urdu / Complete Guide

How to open company bank account /Sole Proprietorship/Proprietor Firm account/Complete Guide in Urdu

How To Open Partnership Firm Bank Account/ Partnership Company Bank Account/ Company Account in urdu

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Deceased Bank Account / How to withdraw amount from Deceased Account /Complete detail in Urdu/Hindi

Kamyab Jawan Program Application Procedure | Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme in Urdu by a Banker

How To Fill Youth Loan Application /Prime Minister Kamyab Jawab Program / How To get PM Youth Loan

Rs25000 Prize Bonds Discontinued / How to replace Rs 25000 Prize Bonds / Prize Bonds Updates

Last Date of Rs 40,000 Prize Bonds/Extension in Date of Rs 40000 Prize Bonds/complete detail in Urdu

Part 1 Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar | Low cost Housing Scheme | Easy House Loan in Pakistan by a banker

Part 2 Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar| What Documents required for Low cost Housing Scheme / FAQs

Part 3 Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar | Low cost Housing Scheme/ Expenses/ Fees /Property Docs Required FAQ

Low Cost Housing /New Home Loan Scheme / UBL Address House Financing / Complete detail in Urdu/Hindi

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