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does a good Subject To deal looks like and how are the numbers broken down? Well today we’re inside a deal I’m trying to buy right now. We’re going to visit the house and walk through it plus go over all the numbers that make this deal work. You’ll see the 3 major things we look for to determine if we have a good deal. You’ll also see how it doesn’t matter if the house has equity or not. This has to be one of the best Subject To creative financing deals I’ve seen in an extremely long time. Come inside with me to find out why?

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00:00- Intro
0:53 – Let’s look at the surrounding houses
2:05 – is Subject To real estate deal defined
3:53 – How do you know if you have a good subject to real estate deal
4:57 – How do you get the mortgage information from the seller
7:04 – Why do people sell their house Subject To, you have to negotiate the deal
8:35 – Let’s go inside the house to see the condition and what repairs need to be done
12:02 – This is what a good subject to house looks like

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