Putin locations Russia’s nuclear weapons on excessive alert – BBC Files

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his country’s strategic forces to excessive alert, because the Ukraine disaster escalates.

He told chiefs it became because of “aggressive statements” by the West, amid frequent condemnation of his invasion of Ukraine. The announcement does no longer indicate Russia intends to utilize the weapons.

The US condemned his option calling it an “unacceptable escalation”.

Now now not too prolonged ago Mr Putin had warned that “whoever tries to hinder us” in Ukraine would compare “you’ve got by no approach viewed in your history”. Those phrases were widely interpreted as signalling a risk to utilize weapons if the West stood in his blueprint.

The Russian President ordered his defence minister and the manager of the navy’s in trend workers to keep the nuclear deterrent forces on a “particular regime of fight responsibility”.

Clive Myrie in Kyiv gifts BBC Files at Ten reporting by Steve Rosenberg in Moscow and Sarah Smith in Washington.

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