Opportunity Zone Investing: Real Estate’s Tax-Free “Cheat Code”

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Opportunity zone investing hasn’t always been around for real estate investors to take advantage of. But as the government began upping the incentives around this type of , more tax-savvy investors started to pay attention. You may have heard of before, but you probably don’t know how much of a heavy hitter they are in the realm of tax reduction.

Someone who does know about opportunity zone investing is King Malaki Sims—CPA and avid real estate investor. He’s been buying and building homes in opportunity zones for years and makes the case that this type of investing truly is the best real estate “cheat code” out there. Through his simple strategy, Malaki has been able to not only defer taxes but in some cases, eliminate them entirely, just through simple, smart .

Malaki shares how even a novice real estate investor can find, fund, finish, and furnish an opportunity zone rental property all while keeping Uncle Sam away from their hard-earned profits. If you want to build wealth without having to worry about 1031-ing your properties, Malaki is the man to listen to.

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Episode 599

Show notes at:

00:00 Intro
03:33 Quick Tip
05:42 Build-to-Rent and Construction Financing
13:35 Opportunity Zone Investing
20:25 Where to Find (and Fund) Opportunity Zone Investments
27:18 The Opportunity Zone “Basis”
30:49 Deal Deep Dive
35:48 Investing and Improving the Community
39:41 Opportunity Zone Myths
47:53 Accidentally Investing in Opportunity Zones
48:55 Depreciation and The Tax-Deduction Trifecta
56:55 Fire Round
59:49 Famous Four

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