Mortgage Note Investing: Setting up for Success (2021)

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In this episode – Rick Allen talks about his strategies he does in his business to be successful. He breaks down the things new note investors want to do to make 2021 the year they take on note investing as a full time endeavor.

It boils down to process and systems.

*0:00 – Intro to the New Year
*0:33 – The New Feature (My Feed)
*3:46 – Wish for the New Year
*4:36 – up Goals for Your Business
*5:15 – Reflections from 2020
*7:30 – Sitting with Martin Saenz
*8:10 – 3 to 1 Replacement
*9:20 – Using PipeDrive in Your Business
*10:32 – Evaluating Your Goals for 2021
*13:20 – Looking Forward to Planning
*14:14 – Finding a Mentor or Accountability Partner
*18:13 – Goals for Paperstac
*20:25 – Wrapping it all up

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