Mortgage Note Investing and Underwriting the Note Seller or JV Partner

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Many coaches and courses teach how to underwrite assets like and mortgage notes. We haven’t seen a lot on how to vet your potential partner. It is common in the mortgage space for passive investors to partner with an active investor. These JV partnerships often are 50/50 share from the beginning.
How do you protect your original investment? How do you limit future liability? Who are you REALLY doing business with? An individual? How much experience do they have? Think like you’re hiring a key employee. Background checks are needed beyond a simple Google search. We discuss some ideas like a seller survey, state and county record searches both for property and lawsuits and even criminal records. There is so much fraud in the small investor world. We (me) get blinded by promises of high returns and don’t pay enough attention to counter party risk. We think WHO you are dealing with is just as important as WHAT you’re buying. Check out our other topics on our channel. Thanks.

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