Mortgage Note Investing 101 | Creating Passive Income From Note Investing

In today’s episode of Residual Real estate Agent show, we have Martin Saenz, a specialist in , and he is here to teach us everything you need to know about mortgage , we talk about how he started investing in mortgage notes, things he has learned along way and how he has built his business by buying underperforming notes over-performing notes.

Other topics discussed:
– How to invest in mortgage notes
– Performing vs. non-performing notes
– Creating multiple income streams
– Mortgage note vs. Real estate investing
– Where to buy mortgage notes
– And more!

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Time frames:
0:00 – 1:27 Intro
1:27 – 01:59 Guest Presentation and information
03:34 – 05:30 What is a Mortgage Note Investor?
05:30 – 06:40 What is better?
06:40-7:55 How to start?
7:55 – 9:50 Mortgage Note Investor VS Traditional Real Estate
9:50 -11:10 What is typical for a Mortgage Note Investor?
11:10 – 12:13 Difference between performing vs non-performing
12:13 – 13:36 where to buy mortgages?
13:36 – 15:20 common mistakes in mortgage note investing
15:20- 20:00 what to look at?
20:00- 20:55 Regulations
20:55 – 22:40 Typical period of time and pricing
22:40 – 25:00 Depreciation benefits
25:00 – 26:18 performing time
26:18 – 27:02 Why would somebody sell a performing note?
27:02 – 29:05 How big is the market now?
29:05 – 30:05 retail setting websites
30:05 – 32:40 4 stages of note investing
32:40 – 36:45 Social media and final message

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