How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster in Australia💨 [10 Easy Tips To Avoid Home Loan Stress!]


Buying your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll honestly make in your entire life, and paying back a home loan is similarly one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever sign up for! But wouldn’t it be great to pay off your mortgage faster? You’re in luck, as with the right saving strategies and our top 10 tips in this video, you could pay off your 30 year mortgage at least 6 years FASTER!!

Although there aren’t any magical formulas I can share with you that will guarantee this, in this video, I am going to teach you THE TRUTH about paying off your mortgage faster and our top 10 Home Loan strategies for you to implement in 2022.

Don’t believe me? Book a call with me anytime, and I’ll share my very own home refinancing journey and I paid my mortgage off in half the time

In this video, we’ll unlock these secrets and answer the below simple questions:

Is Paying Off Your Mortgage Early a HUGE Mistake?
What strategies can I use to pay my mortgage back faster?
What are our Top 10 tips for paying off your home loans in Australia?
Can you really pay off your mortgage in under 5 years?
What your loan could be doing to save you thousands?
to use an offset account in your mortgage repayments!
What are the best home loan repayment strategies?
How to choose the right loan for YOU?
How you can shave up to 6 years off your home loan?
Why you should Avoid Interest Only Repayments?
Should I use an Offset account?
How can I split my repayments with the bank?
How can I manage my budget better?
Why you need to speak to a mortgage
How your Mortgage can save you thousands!
What should investors do in 2022?
Why should we never listen to the mainstream media?

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Taking out a home loan can be daunting. Especially when you consider the thought of a 20-year or 30-year commitment — but it doesn’t have to be. Given this is the case, it only makes sense to look for strategies to pay it off faster – hopefully, to save you both time and money!

Paying off a home loan in 10 years is the dream, right? The reality is, that it’s a very challenging goal. For many, the downside of being a homeowner is having a home loan debt hanging over your head for years. However, there are ways to speed up the process and have your home loan paid off faster than anticipated.

So, here’s our Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Strategies:

00:00 How to Pay off a Mortgage Faster in Australia [10 Easy Tips to avoid stress]
00:23 Tip #1 How To Choose the Right Loan?
01:45 Tip #2 Why You Should Avoid Interest Only Repayments?
03:00 Tip #3 Pretend Your Loan Has a Higher Interest Rate
04:30 Tip #4 Consider a 100% Offset Account!
05:40 Tip #5 How to Budget Correctly!
07:00 Tip #6 Why you NEED to look at other lenders?
08:45 Tip #7 Try investing!
09:30 Tip #8 Split your repayments!
11:09 Tip #9 Don’t capitalise fees
12:00 Tip #10 Don’t avoid non-bank lenders

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