High Interest Rates Can’t Touch House Hacking

High interest rates would deter house hacking—right? With home prices still significantly higher than last year and interest rates rising as we speak, shouldn’t profit that comes with house hacking go down? Not exactly, or that’s what Chris Lopez (investor, realtor, podcast host) says. Even as rates rise, house hacking still gives first-time homebuyers chance to build a massive property portfolio with very little upfront effort.

Chris and his team have helped connect buyers with hundreds of house hacks, the majority being single-family homes. This means you don’t need a million dollars just to buy the dream fourplex every house hacker is looking for. In ’s housing market, there are many more ways to make money than buying a multifamily and renting out the other units. With new ADU, short-term rental, and rent-by-the-room strategies, almost anyone can become an overnight house hacker.

But how do you find these deals? How do you analyze them? Which property types work best for house hacking? And how do you know you’re getting a good deal? Worry not as Chris walks through all these questions (and many more) and will continue to show off even more house hack numbers in future videos!

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00:00 House Hacking in ’s Market
00:56 Can You House Hack with High Interest Rates?
02:30 1. Goals
04:16 2. Strategy
05:35 3. Market
07:17 What’s the Perfect Property Type?
10:48 Pro Tip: Don’t Go to Prison!
11:45 How to Analyze a House Hack
12:37 The House Hack “Stack”
16:30 Ready to House Hack?

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