Global Estate Planning from a South African perspective

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Many South Africans understand the importance of not only diversifying their assets offshore to hedge against the unique risks we face in this country from a political, economic and currency perspective — but clearly the opportunity set investing internationally is far broader.

But whether it be investing in , shares, or other types of assets — we often don’t consider the complexities of owning assets in foreign locations both from a situs and inheritance tax perspective.

The consequence of not arranging our affairs properly can be devastating — particularly from an perspective on death, which can lead to a huge amount of unnecessary cost, time and heartache. Avoiding these is something that we at Henceforward plan for.

Our next speaker, who will share some practical experiences with us from cases she has worked on and experienced first-hand is director and fiduciary specialist at OM Wealth Fiduciary, Mandy-Dix Peek

Heading up the private client capability, Mandy has over 25 years experience in the fiduciary field and is passionate about helping clients successfully navigate and manage the complexities of inter-generational succession, which includes acting as professional trustee and executor.

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