Does Investing in Real Estate REALLY Save You on Taxes? 🤔

in real can be a great move, but it really save you on taxes? You hear a lot about real tax benefits like depreciation, amortization, and cost segregation, but what do these mean to the average part-time rental property investor? Find out about real estate tax benefits and what they mean to your tax situation in this video!

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Does in Real Estate Save You on Taxes?
0:31 Folk Tax Advice in the BiggerPockets Forums
2:49 Example #1: Rental Property Doesn’t Make a Difference to the Investor’s Taxes
6:24 The Passive Activity Loss Rules
7:05 The $25,000 Passive Loss Exception
9:14 What Happens to the Suspended Losses?
9:46 Example #2: Rental Property Lowers the Investor’s Taxes
11:19 Example #3: Rental Property Increases the Investor’s Taxes
12:28 Remember, Depreciation Stays Constant While Rents Increase!
13:49 Tax Liability vs. Economic Increase

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