Building a portfolio with side hustles

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Side hustles are a great way to get to your financial goals quickly, especially having that extra money you can put into investing. But how do you find balance and make sure you still have time for things that really matter?

In this episode, Andresa and special guest host Mandy McAllister are joined by Sharon Tseung who has achieved financial freedom through side hustles and investing in . Sharon talks about generating cash flow and protecting her portfolio through multiple streams of income, building her brand on social media, and growing her business through outsourcing.

Sharon Tseung is a 6-figure entrepreneur and investor who teaches people how to make passive income towards financial freedom through her blog, channel, TikTok, and Instagram. She has been featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Bustle, Fast Company, and other notable websites. In the past, she graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in Marketing for 10 years at Google and other startups. Sharon quit her job and traveled the world as a digital nomad for 2 years, all while growing multiple passive income streams.

* “Increasing my income with all these other side hustles is giving me passive income. I had multiple income streams working for me that allowed me to grow the amount of money to put back into real .” (13:32-13:43)
* “Every one of these income streams works. It’s just a matter of which one you have time for and which one you’re more passionate about.” (14:51-14:58)
* “I think the good thing is if something doesn’t pan out with these cheaper properties, I can still have it cash flow with renting it out long term or doing a midterm with it.” (16:15-16:24)
* “Short-form video can really build up your personal brand… So if your content has value, it’s going to spread.” (19:44-20:02)
* “So hiring out anything you don’t have time for is really crucial for saving time and making sure you’re focusing on the right thing.” (22:58-23:07)
* “‘I’m trying to have someone work in the business while I work on the business. So that way, I can grow everything while they systemize it and make it a lot easier for me.” (24:11-24:21)

Connect with Sharon:

Resources mentioned:
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

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