Are We In The Perfect Market Cycle for Multifamily Investing?

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How can you best harness the ? investing is a bit different than other types of residential real estate investing. When the economy begins to shift, and a recession is looming, real estate tends to drop in price. But, at the same time, more renters need a place to stay, or more importantly, an affordable place to stay, making multifamily apartments their go-to option. If apartment investing has ever interested you before, Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro make a strong argument why now may be the perfect time to get into the industry.

If you’re feeling deja vu, don’t worry, Jake and Gino have been on the Podcast multiple times before. Each time they come on they bring new lessons, new deals, and a lot more units under their belt. Only a decade or so ago, Jake and Gino were busting their humps working at jobs and businesses that didn’t fulfill them. It took them a year and a half to buy their first deal, and now, they’re sitting on $175M worth of multifamily. That’s quite a lot of deals in just a decade.

Jake and Gino drop some gems in this episode, specifically on why 2022 may be a smart market to start investing in, how to develop your “buy right” criteria, and preparing your exit strategies so you can build wealth, not just get rich once. They’ve learned a lot of multifamily investing lessons the hard way, so next time you’re presented with a killer deal, you don’t have to double down on their mistakes.

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Episode 632

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00:00 Intro
02:19 Quick Tip
03:20 Growing at Their Own Speed
07:10 Giving Employees a Piece of The Pie
12:51 The 3 Pillars of Smart Investing
18:57 Planning Your Exit Strategies
32:16 Should You Start Investing in 2022?
37:15 The “Conveyor Belt” Real Estate Deals
45:52 How to Manage Properties the Right Way
47:30 Deal Deep Dive
59:45 Famous Four

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